Product Photography - Pricing



Pricing for Product Photography


Our Product pricing varies, based on a variety of information surrounding the subject being photographed. You can always be certain that you are getting the highest quality of imagery available, it is the only kind of service we offer. At Mock Digital Media, varying factors that effect the cost of product photography include but are not limited to:   



  • Product Size
  • Product Placement
  • Number of Products
  • Distance of Travel (if needed)
  • Props and Settings Required
  • Number of Photographers
  • Number of Finished Photographs
  • Type of Media Requested
  • Extra Equipment Involved (if needed)



We have the capability to take care of any client no matter the size. If you are looking to get some amazing photos of one product, or fill a catalog with images of your products, Mock Digital Media can get the job done right every single time.



Please call 1-(920)-712-8881 or email us at [email protected] to check availability.