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Here at Mock Digital Media, we absolutely love music photography.

This album holds images of bands and musicians performing on stage. We apologize, but the images in this gallery can be shared, but are not for sale.

If this is a service that you would like for your next big show, follow this link to

"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."
-Alfred Stieglitz
Modest Mouse 01Mary Vaughn - The Almas 01Mark Lee - Lee Hall Band 01Jake Martin - Beer Club 01Tony Oakley - Horace Greene 01Isaac Brock - Modest Mouse 21John Mazzariello - The Chocolateers 01Gary Van - Lee Hall Band 08Chad - Beer Club 08Colin McMahon - The Chocolateers 01Jim Fairchild - Modest Mouse 04Shed Dog - Beer Club 15Dave Hall - Lee Hall Band 09Sam Swetlik - Horace GreeneJeremiah Green - Modest Mouse 24Lee Hall Band 10S.G. Dedow - ReloadFrank Slifka - The AlmasTom Caldie - Lee Hall Band 02Dave Hall - Lee Hall Band 04