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This is our wildlife gallery, where you can find wildlife photos, of course.

Wildlife is one of our favorite things here at Mock Digital Media. Let's face it, animals are super-cool, and some of them may not be around forever. Do you have a favorite animal? Take a look through this gallery and see if we have a photo that is just right for you.

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Portrait of a Mandrill 01Cuvier's Dwarf CaimanMallard with painted turtles 01Lion Fish swimming next to coralTwo Spectating Painted TurtlesAdult Southern Ground HornbillsWolf Spider HuntingGiant Spotted EelLadybugs on a Fallen TreeMother and Baby Giraffes 01Red JellyfishBlue Moon Jellyfish 03Painted Turtles around a Mallard DuckPosing Grizzly BearGarder Snake in an aquarium 01Mallard with Painted Turtles 02BigBird1African elephant Side-ProfileLarge Bullfrog in an aquariumBird