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This is the Mock Digital Media wedding photo gallery.

Weddings don't have to be stressful, take the edge off with a completely relaxed photographer. Feel free to browse and take a look at some of our previous wedding photos.

We apologize, but these images are not for sale, sharing only please.

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"Wedding photography is one of the hardest damn jobs in photography. Period. End of story.
― Zack Arias
Sara and Travis 01Joey and Alyssa 89Casey and Nikki 03Bryan and Jessica 39Joey and Alyssa 50Bryan and Jessica 43Joey and Alyssa 88Mike and Heidi 03Joey and Alyssa Wedding Party 22Jeff and Kari Rings 01Jeff and Kari Wedding Cake 02Casey and Nikki 07Jim and Chelsey Wedding Party 03Jim and Chelsey Dancing 03Joey and Alyssa 15Joey and Alyssa 03Casey and Nikki 05Casey and Nikki Cake Topper 07Casey and Nikki 08Jeff and Kari 46