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Kids are awesome. We love taking photos of kids.

This gallery holds example images of children. Thank you, so much, to the parents that have given us permission to use these photos as examples. These images are not for sale, but are shareable.

Taking photos of children is easy, but getting them to show their unique personalities through an image can be tricky. At Mock Digital Media we pride ourselves on being able to capture that personality in every high-quality photo we take.

If you are looking to book Mock Digital Media for your Child Photography Session, please follow this link to BOOK MOCK DIGITAL MEDIA NOW!!!

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

― Karl Lagerfeld
McCoy and a ForkAeris, Trinity, and Arkane 04Lexi First Dance 01Isabelle 16Lucas and Angela Umbrella 01Cloe 07Lexi Ganon Serena Dylan 02Aeris and Trinity 15Serena 14Audrey 05Ganon in the VanArkane 05Trinity 14Mackenzie Holding Jay 01Aeris and Trinity 20Cloe 01Serena Practicing Riding 01Serena Lexi Ganon Dylan 06Isabelle and Audrey 08Lincoln on the Dance Floor 25